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Hurricane Evacuation Zones

2010 evacuation zone map

Understanding Hurricane Evacuation Zones
The purpose of the evacuation map is to delineate the areas that will potentially be inundated with storm surge so that those residents can have the opportunity evacuate to safety ahead of a hurricane. The storm surge data is derived from the Sea Lake Overland Surges from Hurricanes map provided to Hernando County by the Withlacoochee Regional Planning Council. The range of surge depth is shown below. Each zone is evacuated based on the projected surge.

Evacuation Zone Storm Surge Category Storm Surge in Feet
A 1 7-12
B 2 12-15
C 3 15-20
D 4 20-25
E 5 25+

What Do The Colors Mean?
The map colors represent how far inland seawater will be pushed onshore from a hurricane. This is what is known as the “Storm Surge”.

Storm Surge & Flood Zones Are Not The Same Thing
Storm surge is simply water that is pushed toward the shore by the force of the winds swirling around the storm.

Flood zones are geographic areas that the FEMA has defined according to varying levels of flood risk. These zones are depicted on a community's
Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) or Flood Hazard Boundary Map. Each zone reflects the severity or type of flooding in the area.

Zone A: If we are expecting a Tropical Storm or Category 1 Hurricane (winds 74–95 mph) we can expect that this Storm Surge will be in the RED area on the map.

Zone B: If we are expecting a Category 2 Hurricane (winds 96–110 mph) we can expect that this Storm Surge will be in the ORANGE area on the map.

Zone C:  If we are expecting a Category 3 Hurricane (winds 111–130 mph) we can expect that this Storm Surge will be in the YELLOW area on the map

Zone D:  If we are expecting a Category 4 Hurricane (winds 131–155 mph) we can expect that this Storm Surge will be in the GREEN area on the map.

Zone E:  If we are expecting a Category 5 Hurricane (winds over 156 mph) we can expect that this Storm Surge will be in the PURPLE area on the map.

Mobile Homes: Regardless of location in the county, mobile homes are always included in every evacuation order. Construction of mobile homes is not up to the standards of a "regular" permanent homes.  Almost all manufactured homes are elevated, situated on top of some sort of pier or foundation system. Even manufactured homes with tie-downs overturn in storms because they have light frames and offer winds a large surface area to push against.



Evacuation Zones, Routes and Shelters

FOR MORE INFORMATION Visit http://www.hernandocounty.us/FloodMap/  to view the new digital flood maps, see the areas that are changing flood zones and learn how Hernando will be affected. Visit www.FloodSmart.gov  for more information about how to protect against flooding and the steps local residents may need to take to ensure that they have proper insurance coverage to protect their investment.