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Public Comment Period

Information on the Public Comment Period For New Mapping

Property owners will have 90 days (three months) to protest the new flood risk designations provided in the preliminary flood map. This Appeal and Protest period is published in the local press and on the County Web Site.

What If I Have Better Information That Shows I'm Not in the High Risk Flood Area?

Every effort has been made to have the Flood Hazard Maps reflect the most reliable risk data for Hernando County. Although, the risk maps reflect the best available data, neither Hernando County nor the Federal Emergency Management Agency, have the resources to measure every foot and inch of the county. There have always been and will continue to be mechanisms for individuals to show that better information may change the risk level indicated by the maps.

The maps show a flood risk at a particular point in time. As land development, stormwater infrastructure, and flood frequencies change, the maps have the potential to be improved. That is one of the great benefits of this update to the flood hazard maps. The maps will now be in a digital environment that can be updated every two to three years instead of 25 years.

If you have better information, such as an elevation certificate, topographic map, detailed hydraulic or hydrologic data, then you may be able to protest or appeal the flood risk indicated by the new maps.

What is an Appeal?
A formal objection to new or revised proposed Base Flood Elevation(s) (BFEs). Appeals are based on empirical data that show proposed base flood elevations to be scientifically or technically incorrect.

What Information is Required to Support an Appeal?

Depending on what specific aspect of the study is being challenged, various types of data are required to support an appeal. In some cases, the applicant is required to submit a revised flood study, including updated hydrologic and/or hydraulic analyses, flood profiles, and floodplain and floodway boundaries, using the alternate methods or data that are believed to be superior to those used in the preliminary study. A flood study determines proposed base flood elevation(s) (BFEs) along a stream or within a water body , and involves collection of historical and physical data, followed by analyses using hydrologic methods to determine flow rates and hydraulic modeling to determine water-surface elevations.

What is a Protest?

A formal objection to any new or revised information that does not involve Base Food Elevations. Protests generally involve comments regarding the boundaries of the updated floodplain, floodways or municipalities, and road names/locations.

What Information is Required to Support a Protest?

You will need to submit certified topographic maps or other certified ground elevation data that are of greater detail and/or more recent than those used for the preliminary map panel in question. No certification is need for the topographic information it is a government product, such as a USGS Map. In addition, elevation certificates would need to be signed and sealed by a licensed surveyor or design professional. The requested changes to the floodplain should be marked on the topographic mapping and flood map panel. Protests of a floodway require updated hydraulic modeling.

How Should Property Owners Submit Appeals and Protests?

Any individual property owner who wishes to appeal proposed BFE's or protest other information shown in the preliminary map should submit Appeal or Protest form, and requested data, and all other supporting data to the address below:

Hernando County Building Department
Attn: Judy Gerhart, Flood Map Processing.
789 Providence Blvd
Brooksville, FL 34601

Where Can I Get Additional Information on Appeals and Protests?

Further information on this topic, as well as the NFIP and floodplain mapping, is available from the FEMA Map Assistance Center toll-free information line at 1-877-FEMA-MAP (1-877-336-2627) or via e-mail at FEMAMapSpecialist@mapmodteam.com .

How Do I Check the Status of my Appeal or Protest?

Resolution of Appeals and Protests will not start until the end of the Appeal and Protest Period. Contact our Flood Information Line at (352) 540-6300.


FOR MORE INFORMATION Visit http://www.hernandocounty.us/FloodMap/  to view the new digital flood maps, see the areas that are changing flood zones and learn how Hernando will be affected. Visit www.FloodSmart.gov  for more information about how to protect against flooding and the steps local residents may need to take to ensure that they have proper insurance coverage to protect their investment.