Hernando County Animal Services: Lost and Found

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Lost an animal?

Lost an animal? If you have lost an animal please come to the shelter at least once every four days during visiting hours to see if your animal is there. Animal Services generally holds stray dogs and cats for five days from the day they are brought in. There are some exceptions to this holding period, such as if the animal has suffered severe injuries, so we recommend that you begin looking for your animal as soon as possible. If you live near a county line we recommend that you contact the Animal Control Departments in the neighboring counties. Also Contact the Humane Society and the SPCA and advertise in the local newspapers. 

  • Humane Society of the Nature Coast, Inc. (352)796-2711

  • SPCA (352) 596-7000

  • Pasco County Animal Services  813-929-1212

  • Citrus County Animal Control 352-726-7660

  • Download a brochure with tips for finding lost pets

  • Request that a brochure be mailed to you.

  • Send a Found Animal Report online

    If your animal is wearing tags which can be traced to you Animal Services will 
    make every effort to call you to let you know that your animal was impounded. 
    But please donít rely on this; many animals lose their tags or someone takes the tags off before they are picked up. Make sure that if you move or change telephone numbers that you call and update your tag information. 

    If your animal is impounded at Animal Services you will be required to pay a $25 impound fee and $10 board for each day the animal is here in order to reclaim the animal. You will also be required to show proof of a rabies vaccination and county license. If you do not have this information you will be 
    required to have it done within a specified time period. Additionally there may 
    be a citation issued unless you qualify for one of the incentives  offered to responsible pet owners. If a citation is issued you will have the option of paying the fine within 30 days or contesting the fine in court. 

Found an animal?

If you have found an animal and would like to hold it until the owner is found, please call Animal Services at (352) 796-5062 to report it or click this link for an online form. We keep a book of found reports so that if the owner calls we can put them in touch with you. If you would like the animal picked up please call our office at (352) 796-5062 to request a pick up. If you would like to bring the animal in please do so during our visiting 

Can't Keep Your Pet?

If you are unable to keep your pet, you can bring it in to Animal Services free of charge during our visiting hours. We will pick the animal up for a $25.00 charge but, you will need to be home for the pick up. Animal Services does not make any guarantees that your animal will be placed in a home or how long your animal will be held before being euthanized. If you do not want your animal put to sleep then please do not bring it to Animal Services. Check out all other options first. Contact the Humane Society at (352) 796-2711 and the SPCA at (352) 596-7000. Advertise the animal in the newspaper or on the radio to try and find a new home for it.